Assalamualaikum sahabat :) , This is just a picture of my memories are near me. He's found another person from my best actually. I leave it alone, because it decided that he wanted to do, after all I can not stop destiny that God gave me. I can only be pleased. I made a deal for him. But I think he is difficult to believe in myself. For me, this is the most pathetic deal for me, I love her intense, he wangle me she said "sorry syuk, *** i think it mcm lazy couple.". But the end of it? NA <3, Subahanallah! . PMR exam time, if you're ready, I'm always close to the chest armrest, lepastu read Al-Fatihah and call her name, and said "I am very homesick near you!" . Somehow he felt to not miss me that: '(come here ish my story:') and thanks Asslamualaikum reason willing to read: D
Syuk Zainal